Can the ParaZapper UZI-3 beat H1N1 influenza? You Bet!

Many times have I written, extolling the virtues of the Hulda Clark Zapper, especially ParaZapper, which I produce, manufacture, and market. The following is my recent personal experience and is entirely anecdotal.

This last Wednesday night, I went out for a dinner with my wife, Lydia, sister Melinda, Mom, my niece Leslie and her husband Chad. We had some good conversation, steak or in my place Salmon, and in general, a good time.

I had a couple of good sneezes and while I felt that it was just due to the recent spike in cold weather. Lydia, who has a nursing degree, told me that I needed to zap when I got home. Agreeing with her, I assured myself that I would do it about bed time. Time went by, I went to bed without zapping.

The next morning, I awoke with a slight scratchiness in my throat, but as my mom and sister were leaving, helped load the luggage in the car. They left just a little before 10:00 in the morning and I went back down to work, building zappers. A couple of hours after that, I picked up to answer the telephone and found that I almost could not talk, my throat was very rough. I then realized that I was developing a headache. When I went upstairs, my wife checked and found that I had a fever. About the same time that she was reminding me, “did you zap?”, I was starting to get chills and some aching in my arms.

“No”, I replied, but I will do it right now. I went to get my CC2 but realized that I had sent it to someone in Sweden who really needed it. I had a used UZI-3 available so that I grabbed it and zapper on mode one for an hour continuous. This was from about 1:45 to 2:45 PM and after that, I just rested for a while, had some chicken and rice soup. Do not let me forget to mention, Lydia is absolutely the best cook.

After eating the bowl of soup and resting a bit, I went back down to work. Probably should not have done it, but customers are waiting. I guess that I looked somewhat like a clean-room clerk, with the mask and all. Washed my hands every few minutes and cleaned everything in ethyl alcohol before packaging.

We had dinner about 5:45 and after that, it was back to work. I finally finished working about 10:20, went upstairs, watched the tube and zapped again. At that point, my throat was still rough, still had a slight fever, about 100 deg., but the headache and muscle aches had subsided.

Just about midnight, I went back down to the basement office and answered a couple of e-mails.  Following that, I went upstairs, drew a hot bath with salt and Epsom salts, and tub zapped for about an hour.

Rather than to further expose my wife, I curled up in the living room recliner about 1:30 AM and dozed off to Animal Planet. I woke up about 6:40 and called my employee who likes to work on Saturday and advised him not to come. No, I didn’t wake him as he is up at 4:00 to 5:00 AM daily. After the call, I slept until after 10:00 AM

When I finally woke up good, my throat was still very sore, but thankfully, the headache and muscle aches were gone. The fever was reduced too.

As it is now 12:05 PM, I think that I will go upstairs and zap again before coming back down to work.

I will come back and post more at a later time.

Why do I say H1N1 flu? First, the sudden onset and sequence is typical, especially the extreme sore throat which comes early. Also, here in Alabama, over 90 percent of confirmed cases are H1N1 at this time.

So far, what I can say is that the zapper does not cure, It just seems to stop the progression and reduces the severity of any flu that I have experienced.

For those of you who do not know about the zapper, it is a small pocket sized electronic device that used mild electrical pulses ( LVPEF ) to kill bacteria, protozoa, and other microbes. These devices are not FDA approved but have a lot of users who swear by them. While it would be very difficult to build one as sophisticated as the UZI-3, you can build your own. Instructions and additional information is available at .

4 thoughts on “Can the ParaZapper UZI-3 beat H1N1 influenza? You Bet!

  1. Professor VJ Duke

    The professor was zapped with the flu on New Year’s Day! It was awful as all around him were zapped too! What you propose is down right scary to him. Of course, if you have Punchyish natures he would consider it. Do you?

    1. zapper01 Post author

      Why am I not shocked that you would reply in such a way? I am wondering if maybe they should charge you with battery and lock you up in a dry cell?


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