Can the ParaZapper UZI-3 beat H1N1 influenza? More:

It is now Sunday morning of the influenza episode that basically started Wednesday evening with a couple of sneezes. Since that time I have used my ParaZapper UZI-3 several times. Actually, once I zapped on Thursday afternoon, I have used it each time that I felt any change that might indicate that the flu might be coming back or changing course. I have actually felt reasonably good through most of this episode with a couple of exceptions. When I first woke up on Thursday morning, I was feeling alright, but later in the day, I developed a raging sore throat, coughing did not help make it feel any better. After zapping, it did start to subside and the soreness was mostly gone by Saturday morning. The headache and muscle pain were quickly dissipated on Thursday after using the zapper, about 3:30 pm. Since then, No headache, no muscle pain or skeletal pain. Had slight chills once and zapped immediately and they went away. I have been tolerable and though I have not done a lot of work, I have been able to do basic chores like keeping the dogs and cats and chickens fed and watered. Otherwise, not wanting to tax my energy, I have mostly relaxed, watching television, writing, and reading. Today, I am here to report that while I do not consider myself to be well, most symptoms are gone. The fever is any is minimal, sore throat is gone, no head aches or muscle aches, no sweats, no chills. This is my status only 3-1/2 days after the very first symptom. The difference is that many people spend 4 or 5 days in bed with the H1N1 flu. Some never make it back out of bed. I have known people who took Tamiflu and still were not functional after 6 or 7 days. I also know of people who got the flu vaccine and still got very sick with this stuff. I am in general a vaccine refuser. The very first vaccine that I had was the Salk Polio vaccine. While I do not know the total effect over me, I do know that a short time after that vaccination, I started developing allergy and asthma problems and had to have my tonsils removed. It is well known that vaccines were badly contaminated in those days and that they are not a whole lot better these days. Contaminated vaccines are a major cause of our increased cancer rate today. Barring any unforeseen difficulties, I will be back to write more. This particular flu is known for relapses and repetitive recurrences so, who knows? For now, I am going to do a little bit of work and going outside to enjoy a little southern winter sunshine.

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