Can the ParaZapper UZI-3 beat H1N1 influenza? Part 3

It has been a week since my last post. I have stayed busy working as I was a little bit behind. It has been an interesting week. The flu has tried to come back twice but timely zapping seems to push it away.

Sadly, however, the wife did get sick with it. It appears that the incubation was about 4 days. I was exposed on a Sunday and became ill on Thursday. Lydia became ill on the following Monday. She has zapped several times but was fairly sick for a couple of days. Seemed to get better then developed what might be strep throat. More Zapping.

I do not recommend this to anyone, but neither of us has been to the doctor and the only medication was gargling with salt water. I wanted to use my neti pot but could not find it. I finally did find it in a storage box yesterday so I will have it for next time. The neti pot is a wonderful tool for fighting sinus infections.

In summation, I have used the zapper for many things over the years, including spider bites, infected teeth and abscessed teeth, ibs and colitis, parasites, candida, athletes foot, colds and flu. The thing that I have noted is that for me, life is better and I am healthier when I use the zapper. While not everyone can afford a zapper as expensive as the UZI-3, a mid-range zapper such as the CC2 is nearly as good, and even a cheap zapper is better than nothing.

Seriously, if you come down with the flu, how much would you like to feel half as bad or for it to last half as long? Because zappers are not approved for treating illness or health issues, and for financial reasons this approval is not likely, the public needs to call for government funded research. The zapper has existed in one form or the other since the 1870’s and for that reason, it is in the public domain and can not be patented.  See: and

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